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Beter Bingo with iDeal

Beter Bingo with iDeal play is an option that is widely used in the Beter Bingo website. Bingo with iDeal play means no more and less than you add money to your player account with which you can play. On a game later Paying with iDeal is known for many Dutch and of course only available if you have a Dutch bank account where you have a package that allows you to internet banking. If you choose this method of payment is money directly deposited from the website of your own bank. So there is no intervention or data exchange that is communicated with the casino. The only signal that the casino gets is that a payment is made with iDeal and that it is approved. After this signal is transferred by you money added to the account with which you logged on. During payment So it is always fast money to your account and you never have to wait long before you can continue playing Beter Bingo.

Beter Bingo

Beter bingo

When you play beter Bingo you will always be able to start with a nice bingo bonus which is paid with your first deposit. The bonus gives more money to bet and means a doubling of the initial amount paid by you. This 100 percent bonus can be up to 100 euro bonus money. So if you deposit € 50 you will get a 50 euros extra pay for in addition to 100 euros. Upon the deposit of 100 euros or more, the amount will be 100 euro bonus amounts. All in all, this is a good opportunity to take advantage of the generosity of the casino optimal use and a good chance to win. With free money at Beter Bingo

Deposit with iDeal

Before you can deposit with iDeal the play money in your account you should always log in to your account at the Beter Bingo casino. If you are logged in, click on the “Deposit” button left bottom. Then you can opt for a dedicated button for PayPal and if you click on this you get the opportunity to fill. Receive any bonus code It may be that you can make a bonus code to get extra money or a percentage on top of your deposit. During a certain action or event period using An added bonus outside the welcome bonus where you’re always are entitled to. Do not have a bonus code, you can choose “Proceed with Deposit”. Next, a new screen that opens when using PayPal. Here you can choose from which bank you want to make money and the website of the bank is opened to complete the payment. You can safely enter your login details and you pass password to confirm the transaction. After confirming the transaction, you can go ahead and start making for up game you want to play a choice.

Beter Bingo with PaySafeCard

Onder de verschillende mogelijkheden die je kan gebruiken is het ook mogelijk om Beter Bingo met PaySafeCard te gaan spelen. Wanneer je gebruik wil maken van een dergelijke PaySafeCard is het erg handig om te weten wat de mogelijkheden zijn en hoe betrouwbaar dit is. PaySafeCard is opgericht in het jaar 2000 en wint al jaren lang opnieuw in zijn populariteit. Eén van de redenen dat de card zulke grote stappen maakt bij zijn groei is dat de Europese Unie de kaart al sinds 2006 als goed initiatief steunt voor het verrichten van een online betaling. Het betalen met een PaySafeCard is dan ook internationaal beschikbaar en dus in ook buiten Nederland te verkrijgen en gebruiken. Wereldwijd zijn er ruim 300.000 locaties waar je terecht kan op een PaySafeCard aan te schaffen zodat je makkelijk tegoed aan je Beter Bingo account toe kan voegen. Je kan kaarten kopen in verschillende waardes. Ze zijn namelijk beschikbaar in 10, 25, 50 en 100 euro waarde.

Paysafecard bingo

Among the various options that you can use, it is also possible to Beter Bingo to play. With PaySafeCard If you want to make such a use PaySafeCard is very useful to know what the options are and how reliable it is. PaySafeCard was founded in 2000 and wins many years back in its popularity. One of the reasons that the card makes such great strides in its growth is that the European Union since 2006 and the card supports as good initiative for making an online payment. Paying with a PaySafeCard is also available internationally and thus also obtain and use outside the Netherlands. Worldwide, there are over 300,000 locations where you can purchase so you can easily add it. Beter balance to your Bingo account on a PaySafeCard visit You can buy cards in different values. Because they are available in 10, 25, 50 and 100 euro value.

Bingo actions

Often, there are actions to be taken in order to stimulate. The use of the PaySafeCard You get a certain percentage of extra play money or a fixed amount allocated extra if you choose to add money. These convenient and fast way Also, it is common to sometimes give away free spins if you like online casino player chooses to use. The PaySafeCard
Are you excited about the PaySafeCard and you would like to use this to be able to go play at Beter Bingo online Then go to one of the over 400 Primera shops that we have in the Netherlands to purchase. A card to If you do not have Primera shop nearby that is still not a disaster. There are many stations where you can turn to purchase a PaySafeCard. To So pay with PaySafeCard safe and 100 percent anonymous. Because you as a player leaves no account details behind the code, or by completing the payment. After you complete the transaction, you can choose a right game and the betting begins.

Beter Bingo with phone

Beter play Bingo with phone means no more or less than that you add the money that you want to play with the phone. This call with your landline or mobile phone to a 0900 number and paid this amount per call to upgrade. If you call the number you get a code to enter. There will be 1.40 euros charged by your phone provider and your account will get credited to 1.40 from buy. Bingo cards again It is very easy and fast to add money. By cost per call So throw yourself relatively little money where you just want it to play. Of course your phone bill comes afterwards, so keep this in mind.
If you are new to online bingo Beter Bingo you can easily upgrade by telephone. Because you pay a fairly small amount did you take the opportunity to bingo first try. If you choose to pay with iDeal You will have to pay as little as 10 euro fast and does not want you if you want to try first. To prevent abuse, there is a limit to the upgrade by telephone. So you can only add up to 50 euros per 24 hours via telephone payments.

Dutch bingo players

Upgrading phone for all Dutch players as possible. Belgian players who want to play in Beter Bingo can through a telephone payment upgrade. Here you have to keep in mind that there first needs to be clicked to get. Belgian number visible for payment on the Belgian flag
Another option for Better Bingo with phone is paying per minute. Here you choose to add funds to continue to add on the basis of the number of minutes that you call the telephone line. Here you run little risk of a lot of money to be rid of. If you forget to hang up because you will not get hundreds of dollars on your phone bill. The maximum cost that you can make by paying per minute per call are usually limits to 10 euros. It is therefore charged per half-minute so you can quickly and easily also can help add money again.

Beter Bingo

pay per phone

Paying by phone still provides a number of advantages when it comes to paying a small amount. You can be as easy to try out the game, but also have the ability to collapse without need. Quickly your bank card a few euros In an iDeal payment you have to use your bank card because vane to complete. Electronic payment from your bank account Are you sure of yourself and you have everything tested well then you can always switch to another method of payment. The minimum amount you must deposit will then be about 10 euros, but you have to take for a payment to do with your phone. Less action