Beter Bingo the best bingo site of the Netherlands


Beter Bingo Community gives you the benefits of cozy and fun to play bingo games at the Beter Bingo Casino. Even while playing other games you can enjoy all the benefits that it can make the player. Nice You as a player can use, for example, the public chat, Bingo Chat Room, Friends and other options.

Public chat

You as a player can send messages by using the chat box at the bottom of the page of the Beter Bingo Casino. This public chat is for all players who are present at the site before you get into a bingo room. Additionally, you can also use the chat while you’re one of the fun games are playing. So you can always check online with players and experienced more activity in online play.

Beter Bingo

Bingo Chatroom

When you play bingo you can also use a room in the room where you spelled bingo. At the top you can see here what room you’re in and how many players you’re here online at the spleen. Also, it is possible to go. To a private chat conversation This can be done by accepting as it enters an application. Do not you want private conversations while playing beter bingo you can stop this by clicking on “automatically decline private chat requests”.

Right of the screen you have a list of all the players in the room. Click the plus sign here that in state you can add a player as a friend, block or start a private conversation. By adding people to a Friends you always have the ability to find your favorite teammates back and talk with them.

users block

If you are being harassed, it is understandable that you want to stop this. This may be because a player is behaving inappropriately, you can block it. To stop it for good, you can also make a complaint about a player so that the casino keeps an eye on his behavior in order to prevent recurrence. Bad behavior The reporting of such issues can be done via the players support offered by Beter Bingo.


While playing at Beter Bingo you can also play and show yourself via webcam. So you can talk through the computer and people and get to know what the image is sent back and forth via webcam. Using the webcam is no obligation so do not sit there waiting for you can leave this off. What is nice, of course, is that your image and chat can be used to hold. Mutual sociability as high as possible for you with famous people

Online play in Beter Bingo casino offers you as a player all you’re looking for. Besides the good bingo games you have plenty of opportunities for socializing and other casino combine! Games online