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If you make a account at Beter Bingo to you can still benefit more with a bonus code for your bingo play. Codes on internet search revealed as no sense because a code by Beter Bingo account has been created. Bound Yet it is important to know what you get offered opportunities for a player to earn a bonus.

Beter Bingo


After signing up you will immediately receive a welcome bonus of 5 euros. You can use these to try with real money. Bingo game So you can explore the site and the cool thing is that you will not be required to first make a deposit. Itself Only after you’ve tried bingo Beter Bingo you can earn money to try and take advantage of the great deposit bonus. This bonus will give you the right to 300 percent deposit bonus. For you as a player it means that you can play. During landfilling of 25 euros total of 100 playing money upon receipt of the bonus Is called a maximum. These bonus So you can receive up to 150 euro bonus, but it gives you a huge opportunity with free bonus money to win. A nice amount In order to obtain the first code, you do deposit to fill in any code.

Free bingo money

Once you are logged in and you are playing then you will be sent weekly by mail a newsletter from the casino. These emails contain free bonus codes that you can take advantage of additional free plays well. The bonus in the newsletter is a weekly minimum of 2 euros. A little something to play what you have to do anything. Perhaps you also can use the smaller and quiet bingo rooms to be more likely to have this bonus. Well You will be with fewer players in a room, after all, have more chances to win money.

deposit bonus

Besides the bonus code you receive by mail, there is also a weekly deposit bonus code. These codes often have some requirements which, for example you have to deposit before the code is active. Minimum amount In offering the code will be clearly how much money you get extra. This can be a fixed amount, but also a percentage of the amount you deposit at Beter Bingo at times. When you make use of the many advantages of bonuses you have to do one thing to keep an eye on. The use of bonuses are often conditions attached in order to prevent abuse. Them Thus, the only bonus to be paid after it has been deployed several times. This, of course, they do so because it is not the intention that people donate money to collect the bonus and then one getting paid into their bank account everything time out.

If you have won the bonuses you can easily withdraw money from your account. If you have met the conditions To do so, your account number and the money will be won by you within a few days left on your account.